Milky Way Farms – Local Beef

This entry was written by Leslie Ekstrand, General Manager of Lycoming College

Executive Chef Frank Hummel was on the search for food, but not just any food. He wanted the best, locally-raised food the region could provide. The goal: To provide the best tasting and most sustainably-sourced meals at Lycoming College’s Wertz Dining Hall.

Wertz provides an all-you-care-to-eat menu and keeping students satisfied with great meals is a major priority. Chef Frank is always interested in finding new and delicious local products but about a year ago, he had his mind set on finding local, sustainably-raised ground beef to serve to the College community. He searched high and low and luckily met Kim Seeley at the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture’s (PASA) Farming for the Future Conference. Kim Seeley is one of three generations who run and own Milky Way Farms in Troy, PA, located about an hour north of Lycoming’s Williamsport location. The farm was started by Kim’s father, Lewis Seeley, in 1962 and has been dedicated to producing high quality and sustainably raised ground beef since its inception.

Chef Frank and I leapt at the chance to work with Kim and to bring her family’s high-quality product to Lycoming College. Today, we are proud to say that all of the ground beef used in the main dining hall is produced by Milky Way Farms.  Not only is Milky Way ground beef an exceptionally flavorful product, partnering with the Seeley family gives Parkhurst the opportunity to support Lycoming’s local agricultural economy and educate students about the importance of supporting local farmers and producers working in a sustainable way.

cows from milky way

Milky Way Farm is a grass-based, sustainable and pesticide-free dairy farm. They have several breeds of cows including Lineback, Dutch Belt, Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Shorthorn. In addition to grass-fed beef, Milky Way Farm produces and sells dairy products to the local community.  Additional information about Milky Way Farms can be found at  Lycoming College’s website is


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