Farm Tour – Jaindl’s Turkey

There is nothing better than the smell of a turkey farm the first thing in the morning. On September 19, I took 8 individuals to Jaindl’s Turkey Farm nestled in the beautiful hills of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. The Jaindl turkey is renowned worldwide as a special broad-breasted breed developed over decades of selective breeding by Fred Jaindl. These unique turkeys produce up to 54% more white meat than other brands and each turkey is parented by breeding hens and toms carefully selected from Jaindl’s own flocks.Jaindl tour

The Jaindl’s raise 750,000 turkeys; except for this year they increased to 1 million due to a customer overseas. One of the differences between Jaindl’s and other turkey producers is that all of their turkeys are raised and processed by them. Corn and soybeans, the main ingredients in their turkey feed, are grown on their 10,000 acres of farm land. Jaindl Farms is a fully-integrated turkey farm, breeding, hatching, growing, processing and marketing their premium turkeys. This is definitely a differentiator.Jaindl Tour_Jamie with turkey

One of the other differentiators that caught my attention was a soybean extruder. This extruder converts whole soybeans into an environmentally friendly bio-fuel that is used in heating the farm buildings and is blended with diesel to operate the Jaindl’s farm equipment.

Jaindl Tour_Lots of turkeysI was also impressed by how white their turkeys were. I’ve been to other turkey farms, but this is the first time that I had actually seen this white of a turkey.  You see, the majority of other producers start out with a white bird, but they eventually turn brown due to the cleanliness of their living quarters. The Jaindl’s require that once the birds have been raised out, which takes about 24 to 30 weeks, the bays are scraped and new bedding material is replaced. The industry standard is once a year before the bays are scraped and replaced with new bedding.Jaindl Tour_turkey barns

I always find it interesting to learn about the folks that provide us our food. It’s really cool to go to the source and see how our food is being grown or raised. David Jaindl has truly set the bar in his industry and we’re proud to partner with him.

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