Posted in January 2011

My First Year with a CSA

By: Scott Rattan, Executive Chef at Capital University I had the opportunity to attend the annual PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) conference last year as part of a chefs outing for our company.  It was a wonderful experience and I learned a great deal about farming and sustainable practices.  This year’s conference is being … Continue reading

The Often Forgotten Part of Sustainability

By: Scott Rattan, Executive Chef at Capital University Sustainability can mean many things and is often hard to define.  Sustainability is a “buzz” word covering a broad range of topics and many industries.  From how to farm (till or no- till), what products to farm, what to farm with (what chemicals), water usage, water runoff, … Continue reading

Know your Source – COFFEE

Coffee is one of those beverages that you either love or hate.  My first coffee experience was when I was 18 and floating around the Atlantic Ocean in the Navy.  I couldn’t stand it!  But grew quite fond of it as 4:30 AM comes mighty quick and coffee was the one thing that I looked … Continue reading

Got Milk? Part 2 – Lone Oak Farms

Last week, I told you about my visit with Eat’n Park’s dairy supplier, Turner’s Dairy.  After I toured their operation, they took me to Lone Oak Farms to meet one of the farmers that supplies them with milk. Lone Oak Farms in Westmoreland County, PA has been one of Turner’s milk providers for over 50 … Continue reading

Lending a Helping Hand

By: Sean Lockard, Executive Chef at Gwynedd Mercy College The holiday season is filled with spending time with those we love, but it’s also a time to give back.  At this time of year you hear things like, “It’s better to give than to receive” and we are reminded to give the best of ourselves … Continue reading

Got Milk? Part 1 – Turner Dairy

By: Jamie Moore, Director of Sourcing and Sustainability When you pick up that gallon of milk at the store, do you ever think about how it got there? I do, so I asked the kind folks at Turner Dairy to enlighten me. Turner’s supplies Parkhurst with many of our dairy products, including milk, half & … Continue reading